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Vacation with my father a longtime ago.

When I was a child, I always looked forward to the summer vacation, although in retrospect I consider the school years to be memorable as well. One of the best that I ever had took place during the year of my tenth birthday. It was thirty-one long years ago, but I still remember many of the events that took place then as if they had happened just yesterday. (Incidentally, my birthday falls during¬† the summer! That is why I consider myself so lucky.) During most years, I spent June, July, August and September at the house of my late maternal grandparents in Cape Cod, going to school in Halifax, Nova…
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Sure we all can laugh now

For the week of my twenty-fifth birthday, a week-long Spain beach vacation with all of our closest friends was planned. Of course, nothing sounds like a better birthday present than a glorious week in the sun, sand, and surf with your best buddies. The plan was made, the date was set, and we were well on our way to the best week of our lives! Cue the scary, ominous music.¬† I can safely say that the week was not terrible for everyone, and it wasn't terrible,horrible, awful for me either. There were two instances, however, that I have yet to get over to this very day. I'm sure there's a…
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